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SPL BS 3000
Viscosity Modifying Agent (VMA) Plasticiser

SPL BS 3000 Viscosity Modifying Agent (VMA) has the function of making concrete Flowable and non segregating that can spread places, fill the formwork encapsulated reinforcement without any mechanical consolidation.

Colorless: Transparent Liquid, Chloride content NIL,
pH: 5.0-6.0, Density 1.20-1.30

• Improved and more uniform architechrual surface with little or no remedial surface work
• Ease of filling restricted sections hard to reach areas.
• Improved consolidation around reinforcement and bond with reinforcement.
• Improved concrete pumping
• Labour savings
• Reduction and elimination of vibrator
• Increase job site safety by eliminating the need for consolidation.
• Suitable for various cements
• Can be used with all HRWR Admixtures.

Dosage: 0.7kg -2.8kg per Cubic Meter depending on water cement ratio of the concrete.

Shelf Life: 1years in original, unopened package.

• It is nontoxic, non-corrosive and nonflammable. Fire retardant.
• It increases flooring surface's strength, abrasive resistance without any crack.

Packing: 275kg Nett in HDPE Drums

• Do not dispense directly onto dry cement.

• Clean tools and equipment with water before concrete hardens.